Pumped and Jacked for this!!!!!!!!!!!

A new play by Lisa Rafaela Clair :
Yeh’ I’ve Been Searchin’…

Inspired by the artist Bas Jan Ader and his final work “In Search of the Miraculous”. Including monsters, science, being lost at sea, kings, falling, narcolepsy and song.

with: Max Dana, Siobhan Gandy, Hanlon Smith Dorsey, Jedidiah Clarke, Sara Scott, Sean McElroy and Tei Blow.

Media Design by Rob Ramirez
Choreographed by Sam Pinkleton

July 25th 8 p.m.
July 26th 8 p.m.
July 27th- 3 p.m. & 8 p.m.
Premiere Presented by The Performance Project @ University Settlement
184 Eldridge Street, NYC

for tickets: http://yehivebeensearchin.brownpapertickets.com/



Working on some things

Screen Shot 2013-06-30 at 11.08.55 PM

So, here’s what I’ve been up to recently. The picture above is from a video I am editing right now. I’m also acting in a play. Check out the poster below:


I will let you know when the video is done, and when the play is going to be performed!


The Making of True Holler: Photos by Keith Johnston JR.

When we filmed True Holler, my friend Keith took some pretty sweet photos.  Check them out!  


Sunday, May 5th

J Anthony Roman

I’m going to perform in this! J Anthony is an amazing writer, and he’s been a friend of mine for many years.  Here is the lineup:  

The Motherfuckers Who Stole my Actress, read by Jill DeArmon
A tale of woe from the world of off off Broadway. 

The People in the Bushes, read by Lee Kaplan
New York natives, through the eyes of an outsider. 

Strike Parties, read by Keith Johnston
A community deals with the death of a teenager during the 2005 transit strike

My 1st Sexual Assault/The1st Time I walked my Roommates Dog, read by Nick Amadeus
A firsthand account of some first time experiences 

The Circle Over Central Park, read by Jedidiah Clarke
New York City reacts to an odd phenomenon

Sex In The City 2 movie review, read by Diaka Kaba Hill
My review of Sex in the City 2 

Plus, J Anthony will be reading an excerpt of his new show, Locombia!